"Why stay we on earth unless to grow?"

- Idaho educator Kate Baker Curley (1850-1903)
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Teacher Resources

Build a Bristle Bot (PBS Kids Go!)

Build a robot with this simple lesson. Design it into a dinosaur robot for extra Dinosaurs in Motion fun! Click HERE to view. 


Use this online game to design a dino, learn about adaptations, and more! Click HERE to view. 

For a lesson plan to go along with this game, click HERE. 

Dinosaurs in Motion Educator Guide (Grades 3-5)

You can find pre-visit, post-visit, and during your visit activities in this guide for younger students. Activities are easily adaptable for many learning abilities and are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. Click HERE to view. 

Dinosaurs in Motion Educator Guide (Grades 6-8)

You can find pre-visit, post-visit, and during your visit activities in this guide for older students. Activities are easily adaptable for many learning abilities and are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. Click HERE to view.

Eagle Rock Self Guided Tour

Explore early Idaho Falls through our Eagle Rock exhibit! Click HERE to view.

Frankenstein200 overview
Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley's novel. Frankenstein is a modern myth: a 200-year-old story that explores themes of human creativity, societal responsibility, and scientific ethics. These themes continue to resonate today. As citizens with access to incredible tools for creation and transformation, we need to understand the fundamentals of science and technology and develop the skills to actively participate in civic and policy discussions. Frankenstein200 takes on the challenge of supporting learning related to responsible innovation. The project uses themes from Frankenstein to examine emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and genetic engineering, while promoting the development of 21st century skills related to creative collaboration and critical thinking. Frankenstein200 explores three important questions: What is life?, Why do we create?, and  What are our responsibilities as creators, scientists, and engineers? Learn more from the National Informal STEM Education (NISE) Network here. View the entire digital kit here.
Frankenstein200: Automata
Make an automaton, a moving mechanical device that imitates the movement of a human, animal, or other living thing. Click HERE to view.
Frankenstein200: Battery Stack

Make a voltaic pile, the first kind of battery. Click HERE to view.

Frankenstein200: Dough Creature
Make a creature out of conductive dough and use it to create an electrical circuit. Click HERE to view.
Frankenstein200: Frankentoy
Make a “creature” by mixing and matching different parts of toys. Click HERE to view.
Frankenstein200: Monster Mask
Make a mask with a special feature: an LED bulb that lights up. Click HERE to view.
Frankenstein200: Scribble Bot
Make a toy bot with a surprising ability: it scribbles on a sheet of paper. Click HERE to view.
Frankenstein200: Spark of Life
Create a battery from two kinds of metal and your own body! Click HERE to view.
History of Idaho Falls: Images

Add historical photos of Idaho Falls to your educational lessons. Open 

History of Idaho Falls Power

Explore how Idaho Falls waded through the struggles of powering an expanding city. Click HERE to view

Idaho Exhibit

Learn about the great topics we cover in our local exhibits. Click HERE to view


Idaho Highway Historical Marker Guide

Explore Idaho through its historical markers! Click HERE to view.

Kidagami-Dinosaur Origami for Kids

Mix art and paleontology with these printable dinosaur origami sheets! Click HERE to view.

LEGO Education-Pneumatic Dinosaur

Design a moving dinosaur with this lesson from LEGO education. Click HERE to view.

Olde Fashioned Christmas

These resources are a great way to engage your kids during the holiday season.

Click on resources below to view individually

Discover over 20 different resources for kids of all ages. Open
Student Worksheet

This is a great way to engage your kids. Open Don't forget the Answer Key


Bring learning to life in your own classroom!

  • Space: Explore SPACE with hands-on materials and lessons from the NISE network's Explore Earth and Space Toolkit.
  • Adaptations: Explore the ways that animals and plants adapt to Idaho's environment through hands-on games and lessons.
  • GPS & Compass: Explore GPS and Compass technology through hands-on lessons with our set of 10, easy to use Garmin etrex devices and our set of 10, Coghlan's Deluxe Map Compasses.
  • Conservation: Explore the importance of animal, plant, and environmental conservation through hands-on materials.
  • Idaho Falls History: Explore Idaho Falls History through historic photographs, science experiments, and more!
  • DIY: The Museum of Idaho has a large collection of skulls, shells, and fossils for educational use. Design your own discovery trunk with these materials!