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NASA and Craters of the Moon (Idaho)

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Sep 25

Don’t get mad at us for calling Craters of the Moon “weird”. President Coolidge said so himself when he designated it a National Monument in 1924.
Craters of the Moon is a weird national monument,

Order your Moon rock today!

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Sep 18

When we talk about Moon rocks, what do we mean? Not a lunar meteorite. That’s a piece of the Moon that has fallen to earth by natural processes. About 29 such meteorites have been found, including a big one that landed in the Libyan desert in 1999. The fragment now

The Big Blowup, Pulaski, and wildfire ecology

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Sep 07

How about a little Idaho wildfire history to soothe your lungs on this glorious, smoky day? Hurricane-force winds swept through the Idaho panhandle on August 20, 1910. “The wind was so strong,” said US Forest Service Ranger Ed Pulaski, “that it almost lifted men out of their saddles.” In

Why can’t I explain the total eclipse?

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Aug 31

Having a hard time explaining your total eclipse experience to friends who missed totality? You’re not alone. Dr. Kate Russo witnessed her first total solar eclipse in Europe in 1999 and was enthralled. “I felt time stop,” she says, but she couldn’t figure out why. After traveling to Madagascar in