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Jan 26, 2018 – Apr 22, 18 Explore science, art, and innovation themes as you learn to control 14 life-size, interactive, recycled-metal dinosaur sculptures with lever-and-pulley systems and remote controls.

Know your eras, or how to sound smart when you talk about dinosaurs

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Jan 18

People whip out long words when talking about dinosaurs, and if you’re like most of us, the words fly right overhead scaring everyone, like a pterodactyl. So we here at MOI have done a bit of research for you, and we’re going to talk briefly about how to identify enormous

The Presidents of Idaho, or How Grover Cleveland Saved Our State

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Dec 19

But there haven’t been any presidents from Idaho, you say. Well, yes. Technically, that’s true. But a number of our commanders-in-chief have had major impacts on Idaho, and vice versa. Some highlights:

  • Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to the Pacific, where they explored and first mapped a great

NASA invented that?

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Nov 21

Pres. John F. Kennedy and astronaut John Glenn inspect a Mercury capsule in 1962.
Throughout the term of our Space: A Journey to Our Future exhibit, which wraps up this week at MOI, our appreciation for NASA has

A brief, gross history of taxidermy

Nov 01

An inland grizzly bear mount on display at MOI
In honor of our upcoming inaugural Slightly Irreverent Tour, the theme of which is “Crap Taxidermy” (Nov. 10 – buy tickets here), we present a brief, mildly disturbing

Origins of Idaho place names

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Oct 09

Last week, we did a little research in our archives about place names in Idaho, which is already fun. Then we opened it up to the public on our Facebook page, and the response was fantastic. You asked about your town, and we found answers. So here are the name