"The inventor become the invention"


What is it?

The Museum of Idaho's HUMACHINE® CREATION CONTEST begins today and ends on September 14. All entrie will be displayed at the Steampunk Steet Party and the Idaho Falls-Ammon Mini maker Faire.

What is a Humachine®? Humachines® are the creation of Steampunk artist and "Re-imagineer" Bruce Rosenbaum, now on display at the Museum of Idaho. His idea was to create original Steampunk-style kinetic sculptures in which a famous author or inventor has become his/her invention. H.G. Wells is in his time machine, Jules Verne is the Nautilus, Mary Shelley is animated by electricity, etc.


  • Teamwork is encouraged
  • Must use recylced materials
  • the sotry of the Humachine® needs to be told:
    • which Idaho author or inventor does your Humachine® represent?
    • What did that person create?
    • What elements of your Humachine® embody the creator?
  • Humachines® should be life-sized
  • the creations should fit on a standard-sized pallet and no taller than 6 feet
  • There is a $50 submission fee and all creators must register by August 15, 2018
  • The public will vote on the best Humachine® and the top three winners will be displayed inside the Museum of Idaho for the duration of the "Discover Steampunk" exhibit

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