Bringing the world to Idaho,
and Idaho to the world.


The Museum of Idaho engages, educates, and enlightens through exhibits, collections, and informal educational opportunities in the humanities and sciences.

We value:






Around 100,000 people visit the Museum each year in beautiful downtown Idaho Falls to connect with the humanities and sciences, learn through classes and events, perform personal research, and explore world-class exhibits.

Museum history

The Village Improvement Society – a club founded by Idaho Falls women in 1898 to beautify and bring culture to their wild, dusty frontier town – secured a $15,000 grant from the Carnegie Foundation to build a public library at the intersection of Eastern Avenue and Elm Street. The Idaho Falls Public Library, completed in 1916, served the town for decades before outgrowing the building and moving a few blocks away. In 1975, the Bonneville County Historical Society (BCHS) lobbied to save the then-vacant building from demolition, and soon began raising money to renovate it. Meanwhile, the BCHS began collecting artifacts and operating a small museum in the basement of the Bonneville County Courthouse in 1978. The Bonneville Museum and the building came together in 1985. Each aspect, including creating and curating exhibits, was run by volunteers.

Starting in 1992, the BCHS acquired land adjacent to the Museum through purchase and donation, and construction began in 2001 on an expansion that enhanced the Museum’s scope and tripled its size. It reopened in 2003 as the Museum of Idaho.

Since then, the Museum has served more than a million patrons. It has continued to grow its collections and programming, and it has hosted an array of high-profile traveling exhibits. MOI made Idaho Falls among the smallest cities in the world to host the acclaimed Bodies: The Exhibition in 2011. MOI was also one of four official NASA viewing sites worldwide for the total solar eclipse of 2017.

In 2019, MOI will nearly double in size yet again. Following a ceremonial groundbreaking in November 2017, construction on another major expansion is scheduled to begin in Spring 2018, allowing MOI to bring the world to Idaho, and Idaho to the world, better than ever. See the floor plans, renderings, and details on our expansion page.

Board of Trustees

Chair Linda Montgomery 
Vice Chair Marvin Smith 
Treasurer Renee Magee
Secretary Peggy Davis 
Trustee Eric Anderson
Trustee Wade Bodlovic
Trustee George Boland
Trustee Phil Campbell
Trustee Ida Hardcastle
Trustee Ned Hillyard
Trustee Tracy Hoart
Trustee Richard T. Jacobsen
Trustee Ryan Kirkham
Trustee Richard Leonardson
Trustee Randy'L He-Dow Teton
Ex Officio James Harris



Executive Director Karen Baker
Curator Carrie Anderson Athay
Director of Development Nick Gailey
Director of Education Chloe Doucette
Director of Exhibitions Rod Hansen
Director of Grants Kimberly A. Lee
Director of Marketing Deborah M. Chessey
Director of Public Relations Jeff Carr
Business Administrator Adrien Davidson
Facilities Manager Greg Stoddard
Marketing Design Coordinator Taylor Beckstead
Visitor Services Amanda Stevens
Volunteer Coordinator & Group Scheduling Susan Van Orden