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I really liked this exhibit but i think it would have been a lot more interesting if there were actual artifacts from the dig site of King Tut instead of having all the pieces in the exhibit being replicas.
2012-12-18 13:10:44

I went to see the King Tut exhibit at the end of September. I loved it! I will never get to Egypt, but have always been fascinated with the history, and the things they have found in the tombs over the years. I really enjoyed the original pieces of jewelry that were there. Just to imagine how old they were, was amazing! I ended up going by myself and took my time and read all about each piece--it was so fun to take all the time I wanted to browse and read! Thank you so much for having a once in a lifetime display!!! Terri
2012-11-08 11:12:42

I loved the exhibit. My son even enjoyed it.
2012-09-05 12:22:27

Even thought they were replicas, my family and i had a wonderful time. I have told all my friends and family about it and a lot can't wait to go check it out. Thanks for hosting such an amazing exhibit :) -----Amanda Tea, Brigham City, Utah
2012-07-29 18:38:58

Not very impressed with the King Tut display but the history of Idaho was interesting. Wife and kids had a good time. -b_fmly, Sand Diego, CA
2012-07-28 17:54:37

I was disappointed to see that all of the items were replicas of the real items from Egypt but it was a nice visit and we had a good time. -Doug M., Salt Lake City, UT
2012-07-28 17:54:01

We visited the King Tut display this weekend. It was very well done. We were actually in Egypt 6 weeks ago and saw the real King Tut room in the Egyptian Museum. Many of the displays here are replicas. However they are really good replicas. They have a lot of pieces on display. There are a few real pieces which are in glass cases. The Egyptian culture is so fascinating. It is worth the time to go visit. Hard to imagine that they had such beautiful things back 1500 B.C. Idaho Falls is very fortunate to get to have the dispalys here that they are able to get. Of course the mummy is not real but it looks just like the real ones in Egypt. It gives you a great look at something that you may never have the opportunity to go to Egypt and see. Even those with the means may not be able to go with the political tension in the area now. It was a very well spent afternoon. -mezollinger
2012-07-28 17:53:19

This is a very interesting exhibit. Yes these are replicas but they have been done by the museum in Cairo and the Metropolitan. This is a great exhibit to introduce your children to King Tut. My husband and I really enjoyed this and we really enjoyed the volunteers throughout the museum that added so much info to what you were seeing. The permanent exhibit is really good also. I learned so much and the Eagle Rock,USA exhibit is a great example of a frontier town. I can't wait to bring my grandkids up to see this delightful museum. -beachbird123
2012-07-28 17:52:47

cant wait to enjoy this exhibit!!!
2012-07-14 10:18:35

Although we live at some distance from the Museum, we make it a point to visit at least twice a year. What a rearlkabme place! It stimulates us in many ways we marvel at the beauty of the icons, the design of the building, the reminders it brings of our time in Russia, and the friendliness of the staff. The videos in the galleries are always a special treat. Mr. Lankton also greeted us and our friends in the first-floor gallery the last time we were there. Thanks to him and everyone else who make our visits so memorable.
2012-07-05 06:32:01

The whole family is so excited to see this exhibit!
2012-05-30 13:55:33

My eight year old cannot wait for this exhibit! He's checked out a few books from the library to read up on it. It can't come soon enough for us! :) -Jennifer Cecil
2012-05-29 18:55:39

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