7 Instances of Science Fiction Becoming Science Fact

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May 16

There are a number of taglines we’ve been using to try to explain our new Discover Steampunk exhibit to confused portions of the public. The exhibit’s official subtitle is “A Fantastical Hands-On Adventure.” We’ve also been using “19th-century Visions of the Future.” Another one we picked up this last

A new verdict in Idaho’s most famous murder trial

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Mar 26

This past Friday, at the first running of our new Museum After Dark series, History Solved!, your friends and neighbors learned an incredible, star-studded story from Idaho history. They came (dressed to the nines), made deals, found clues, presented evidence, and delivered justice. And they

Paleontologist fight!

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Feb 20

Intense rivalries between scientists have produced some remarkable findings throughout history. Tesla vs. Edison, Newton vs. Hooke. In terms of bitter, petty warfare, though, no one can hold a candle to two paleontologists with great names who duked it out in the late 1800s: Othniel Charles Marsh and Edward Drinker

Know your eras, or how to sound smart when you talk about dinosaurs

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Jan 18

People whip out long words when talking about dinosaurs, and if you’re like most of us, the words fly right overhead scaring everyone, like a pterodactyl. So we here at MOI have done a bit of research for you, and we’re going to talk briefly about how to identify enormous

The Presidents of Idaho, or How Grover Cleveland Saved Our State

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Dec 19

But there haven’t been any presidents from Idaho, you say. Well, yes. Technically, that’s true. But a number of our commanders-in-chief have had major impacts on Idaho, and vice versa. Some highlights:

  • Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to the Pacific, where they explored and first mapped a great