Rocky Mountain Adventure Summer Camps
Continuing Education for Teachers & Adults

The Museum of Idaho has partnered with Gonzales-Stoller Surveillance, ISU, and Idaho Department of Fish and Game to offer exciting continuing education courses for educators and interested community members.

In 2015, join us for any or all of five exciting and unique learning opportunities in Idaho's spectacular natural environment. All courses include opportunities for observation and study through hands-on field activities that teachers can adapt to any grade level. An interdisciplinary approach weaves English, math, history, and art into the science-based activities. We will be hiking up to two miles over moderate terrain each day, so participants should be moderately fit.
Class Syllabi
Here are the programs we are offering in 2015. Click on the title of the class to view the syllabus.

Class Registration and Costs

Credit fee in addition to class cost: $50 per credit through ISU. Click on the title of the class to register and choose, from the dropdown menu, to take the classes for credit or not for credit. You can also download a printable registration form HERE and send it to the MOI with a check or credit card number. As per ISU policy, in order to take the classes for credit, you must hold a Bachelor's degree, or higher, from a regionally accredited educational institutuion in the United States, or the equivalent from an educational institution in another country. You may only enroll for a maximum of seven (7) professional development credits offered under the EDUC 5598P per semester, and will not earn credits towards an advanced degree.
Registration for ISU Credits: If you are taking the classes for credits, there will be a registration form that must be completed through Idaho State University (ISU) prior to the workshop. These forms will not be available until May 18, 2015. As soon as the forms are available, you will be able to download them here and send them to :
Museum of Idaho
Attn: Director of Education
200 N. Eastern Ave.
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
Alternatively, there will be an
at the Museum of Idaho from 4pm-6pm to help you make sure your forms are filled out correctly. This is an open house, just stay for the amount of time you need to fill out the paperwork! The Museum of Idaho will provide you with the registration forms, guide you through filling them out, and send all of your forms and registration fees to ISU for you! This workshop is highly recommended to all registrants in any of the RMA Continuing Education for Teachers and Adults courses. Click here, or the link above, to register free of charge for this workshop.

For questions on ISU registration, the topics covered, or more details about the classes, please contact the Museum of Idaho Education Department,  at 522-1400 ext. 3002 or

If you do not wish to take the classes for credits, you can register and pay only the class fee directly through the Museum of Idaho. Museum of Idaho accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. Click here to register!

For more information on any of the Museum of Idaho education programs, contact
Chloe Doucette, Education Director at (208) 522-1400 ext. 3002, or

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