Current Exhibits

Space: A Journey to our Future uses the most advanced interactive exhibits and state-of-the-art projection and audio technology to bring this epic experience to life. Guests will be invited to touch actual meteorites from the Moon and Mars and to take a spin on a human-powered centrifuge.

Step into the 360-degree theater and look far into the future of space exploration, then check your weight on both Mars and the Moon. Discover the nature of light by looking through different telescopes and step in front of an infrared camera to see the variations in your body’s temperature by the colors on the screen. Increase your knowledge of the fleet of starships exploring our solar system, and test your hand at designing a Mars base camp.

Space: A Journey to our Future is one of the largest, most spectacular exhibits on space exploration ever to tour. It will delight and expand the minds of everyone who has ever gazed at the stars and wondered what mysteries lie in the Universe. Do not miss this unique opportunity to experience our Solar System and the technology that will be used to explore the next frontier!

In the 1860s, the city that would become Idaho Falls was dusty, dirty, and lawless and so it remained until threads of culture began to weave together to create and enrich the fibers of our community. It was a township started by men seeking wealth and Wild West adventure, but it became a respectable society when women worked together to make it so. This exhibit, It Takes a Village, explores not only the history of these women and their work as village improvers, but also the work of modern community builders, specifically those who share and teach and stitch together stories of cooperation and unity. It Takes a Village will be on display through October 31, 2017.